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Sometimes building can be a daunting experience. But it doesn’t need to be. When all aspects of the design and construction are properly integrated and clearly articulated, there’s a natural, logical and orderly flow to the entire process. Our role at Verdé is not only to deliver the home you’ve always wanted, but to ensure the entire process of consultation, design and building is a smooth, seamless and engaging experience. Our process is collaborative and inclusive. Our approach is to listen, reflect, confer and guide. We are always here to address any concerns you may have along the way. Here is a simplified outline of our process.
    1. Our initial meetings focus on shaping your ideas and wishes. Together we discuss design parameters and style preferences, your practical requirements, site conditions and budget objectives.
    2. Once you are happy with the general design direction, a Preliminary Design Agreement is signed and a first payment is made so we can obtain property reports and prepare a preliminary design.
    3. We then present a preliminary design, including floor plans and a rendering of the front façade. We also present a building budget estimate and advise on any preliminary documentation findings.
    4. Once you have had time to absorb, study and discuss the design concepts, we move into refining the details of the design and specifications. At this point a second Preliminary Design Agreement is signed.
    5. We now shape preliminary construction plans and project specifications. Should town planning, council dispensations or developer approval be required, applications will be prepared and submitted to the relevant authorities.
    6. Detailed construction plans are completed and we invite you to meet with our interior designer to develop an overall look to suit your taste and style preferences, as well as guide the selection of colours, textures, materials and fittings. We also introduce you to our other design specialists to develop an integrated pool design and the creation of a formal garden to grace your property.
    7. Structural engineering is prepared, project specifications are finalised, site specific costs are established and a building contract is prepared, discussed and executed.
    8. The Building Permit is obtained, the construction program is scheduled, detailing progress stages, payment schedule and construction timelines. The final construction documentation is now signed.
    9. Construction now gets underway in earnest. You’ll meet our Onsite Manager and site visits and inspections will be scheduled. Now you’ll begin to see how our disciplined construction approach provides quality assurance at every step of the way. You’ll witness the highest standard of workmanship and see our attention to detail at work. You’ll also experience the difference that true master craftsmen can add to the creation of a beautiful home.
    10. As completion draws near, and the fine interior detailing is completed, we organize a series of final inspections leading up to the exciting moment of handover when you become the proud owner of your new Verdé home.
Verdé Pre-Construction Process  Verdé Construction Process 

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