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Experience all the hallmarks of grand living.

Become accustomed to a new, luxury lifestyle in one of Verde’s exclusive architect-designed homes in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. Our approach embraces grand contemporary and the grand styles with a renewal of classicism in residential architecture, whilst utilising optimum energy efficiency and the latest in integration and modern amenity. Everything to make the living experience second to none. This approach has awarded Verdè as one of the most highly regarded architect design and luxury custom home builders in Melbourne.

Sophisticated, Architect Designed Homes

Our role at Verdè is not only to deliver the luxury home you’ve always wanted, but to ensure the entire process of consultation, design and building is a smooth, seamless and engaging experience. Our process is personal, collaborative and inclusive. Our approach is to listen, reflect, confer and guide. We are always here to address any concerns you may have along the way. We invite you to meet with our architect and share your personal requirements and discuss a design that will become exclusively yours. We make available our Victoria Manor Display Home, to perhaps provide inspiration for those that are still deciding. As architects and builders, we provide realistic building costs during the concept design phase and throughout the documentation process to ensure your very own Verdè design remains connected to the building budget expectations. This process has earned Verdè a reputation unparalleled by other custom, luxury home builders in the Eastern Suburbs area.

Find Grandeur By Contacting Verdè Luxury Home Builders

To begin the next phase in your very own one-of-a-kind luxury home, contact Verdè architects and custom home builders in Bayside. Our archiitects are always happy to take your call and discuss your desires and provide insight into the process and potential of individual building site in Bayside and your personal requirements. Contact our architect team direct on 03 9836 2000, or via email to , or by leaving your details on our simple enquiry form found on our contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Timeless Character.

Drawing on a classical approach in proportion and form, each Vérde home is conceived through a timeless lens, where an honest engagement with materiality, light and orientation ensure individual style and influence can be expressed, while retaining a sense of legacy across generations.

Utilising finely detailed and tactile materials, fittings and finishes, each Vérde home is defined by an obsession with quality, expressed through attuned junctions and an effortless flow and series of transitions throughout.

Individual As You Are.

Imagined as your forever home, each Verdé residence is crafted and considered through a meticulous lens of quality and precision, and through a close attention to refinement and rigor, ensures each detail is laboriously captured.

Through an uncovering of purpose and intent, each Vérde home is carved as a uniquely individual solution, capturing how each of its residents live and engage with their homes, and ensuring all elements are in place for them to live better.

Dual Occupancy.
Boutique inner city living.

Verdé brings together design, planning, process and construction of dual occupancy and townhouse developments. Applying the same principles as our luxury homes, Verdé’s townhouses maximise the site’s potential offering privacy and functional light-filled spaces. The perfect way to enjoy a quality lifestyle on a smaller scale in the world’s most liveable city.

Our Process.

We take immense pride in guiding each of our clients through the process of design and construction.

As we draw from our extensive knowledge and experience over many completed and successful homes, we are able to comfortably engage in open conversations with our clients and lead them at a pace that works for them. We believe that by clearly outlining and defining the process, we have great control over the outcome and in delivering the vision for our clients. Our passion for collaboration drives our approach, and we want our clients to feel like with Verdé at the helm, that they are in the best and most capable hands.


Our initial meetings focus on shaping your ideas and wishes. Together we discuss design parameters and style preferences, your practical requirements, site conditions and budget objectives. Once you are happy with the general design direction, a preliminary design agreement is signed and a first payment is made so we can obtain property reports and prepare a conceptual design.


We then present a conceptual design, including floor plans and a perspective of the street facade along with a building budget estimate, and advise on preliminary report findings. Once you have had time to absorb, study and discuss the concept, we begin to refine the design and integrate outdoor structures such as swimming pool and attached features, and introduce you to other design specialists to develop the pool design and gardens. At this point a second project documentation agreement is signed and a second payment is made to commence construction documentation. Should town planning or developer approval be required, applications will be prepared and submitted to the relevant authorities.


We now shape the construction drawings, detailing architectural features, interior design, electrical and lighting design, kitchens, bathrooms etc. A meeting is held with our interior designer to develop a palette of colours, textures and materials unique to your taste and preferences. Project specifications are prepared detailing the products and finishes. During this stage the site is prepared for construction, cleared of buildings, and underground power provisions are installed. Structural engineering is prepared, project specifications are finalised, site specific costs are established, and a building contract is prepared with progress stages and construction timelines. The building contract is executed and a building permit is obtained. The final construction documentation is signed and construction is scheduled.


Construction now gets underway in earnest. You’ll meet our onsite manager, and site visits and inspections will be held during the course of construction. Now you’ll begin to see how our disciplined construction approach provides quality assurance at every step of the way. You’ll witness the highest standard of workmanship and see our collaboration and attention to detail at work. You’ll also experience the difference that true master craftsmen can add to the creation of a beautiful home. As completion draws near during the fine interior detailing, we arrange a series of inspections leading up to the exciting moment of handover when you become the proud owner of your very own Verdé home.