Your Investment.

Drew Reaper guides the design team and nurtures every detail of each VERDE home. Whether you design or choose an existing plan, you not only invest materially; you also invest your soul. Drew Reaper understands this. He chaperones each concept to ensure that your investment of thought and spirit is embodied within the style and standards of your meticulous home. Drew understands that an exquisite design hinges on the ability to listen to the client. He serves you in guiding the conceptualization of your Brief. As a skilled designer, Drew knows that a rich conversation invested with considered thought and patience always delivers reassurance, confidence and clarity. Planning is a partnership. The wisdom of this approach empowers the client. Drew knows that building is an exciting relationship provided the personal ground work is anchored in trust.

To put it simply: time is no object in achieving perfection in design.

Great design is timeless. Fashion may be a slave to fad; design transcends fashion. We are designers and we are proud to engage you within this aesthetic. We combine this virtue with precise workmanship and ‘finish’ to ensure your investment will continue to be breathtaking in years to come. We focus on encapsulating warmth and wisdom within your home through practical and livable measures. Should you one day sell your home, these elements of design and craft will be instantly recognizable to a discerning vendor.

We are designers, craftsmen and responsible builders. Clients can be assured of our Builder’s Insurance Cover. Warranty insurance is naturally provided for every new Verde home. Our strong financial position ensures any warranty obligation is efficiently fulfilled. We are modern builders. Our business management and programmed construction and quality system ensures that efficient timelines are met.

Getting it right requires time; building it right requires skill and efficiency. Verde understands that the excitement of building is synonymous will motion and dynamism.

Our Invitation.

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