Andrew Reaper

drew reaper
Drew is passionate about stylish and timeless architecture, and takes a humanist approach to design, a practitioner of more than 3 decades of experience designing high end residences across a range of landscapes, urban, coastal and rural. Drew Reaper’s experience enables him to manage multi-layered aspects of residential projects, he is a contemporary thinker with a new generation approach to design tapping into historical references. Drew leads the design team with an emphasis on developing stylish and functional designs with expression of material, and a strong sense of scale, proportion and form, and involved in every project. Drew has a holistic approach to design and construction, dedicated to quality, innovation, and sustainability through environmentally sensitive products with building practices that surpass today’s building standards resulting in long-standing investment for clients. A fully licensed building practitioner, a member of the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association, capitalising on his experience and that of industry relationships, Drew has developed management systems and processes that ensure quality control and consistency, resulting in an enjoyable experience of proud Verdé home owners.

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January 12, 2018