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drew reaper

Andrew Reaper

Co-founder & Design Director.
Drew is passionate about stylish and timeless architecture, and takes a humanist approach to design, a practitioner of more than 3 decades of experience designing high end residences across a range of landscapes, urban, coastal and rural. Drew Reaper’s experience enables him to manage multi-layered aspects of residential projects, he is a contemporary thinker with a new generation approach to design tapping into historical references. Drew leads the design team with an emphasis on developing stylish and functional designs with expression of material, and a strong sense of scale, proportion and form, and involved in every project. Drew has a holistic approach to design and construction, dedicated to quality, innovation, and sustainability through environmentally sensitive products with building practices that surpass today’s building standards resulting in long-standing investment for clients. A fully licensed building practitioner, a member of the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association, capitalising on his experience and that of industry relationships, Drew has developed management systems and processes that ensure quality control and consistency, resulting in an enjoyable experience of proud Verdé home owners.

Jeffrey Pickering.

Co-founder & Construction Director.
From an early age Jeff has been driven by a passion for good architecture. He instinctively knew he would become either a builder or an architect. At 16, he chose an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery – and learnt the building trade from the ground up. By age 19, Jeff was running his own construction business as a fully licensed registered builder and a member of the HIA the Master Builders Association. Now for over 34 years, Jeff has focused on doing what he loves: building premium custom homes. A self-confessed perfectionist, Jeff has extensive experience in the intricate detail of construction methods, plans, permits, design, estimating, supervision and project management. On top of his decades of experience, Jeff has an ongoing commitment to training in the latest building techniques and technologies. Jeff’s philosophy is simple: never compromise on finish and always deliver above client expectations, no matter what. Little wonder that many of Verdé’s clients become lifelong friends and the majority of new clients come from referral.

Carlos Hernández

Director of Design
Architecture engenders our best living. It recognizes a building’s crucial relationship to its surrounding environment. Essentially, the finest Architecture realizes the synergy between structure, space, environment and people. After completing his Bachelor of Architecture, Carlos Hernández understands that a home should reflect the many facets of our human need: it should inspire, nurture, comfort and celebrate. Carlos loves working with clients in order to realise a vision that fulfils your needs; your dream. As a multi-skilled Designer of the Built Environment who embraces a passion for Art and Engineering, this former RMIT Award winner relishes the challenge of hewning a creative vision that is both exciting and appealing through its intelligent design.

Trades, Crafts and Artisans.

It takes a master craftsman to build a truly grand home. At Verdé, we handpick all our tradespeople and craftsmen. Many are traditional artisans such as stonemasons, cabinetmakers and metal workers with a long family history in their trade.

All who work at Verdé share our passion for excellence and our high expectations when it comes to build quality and craftsmanship. Amongst our construction team there is an established protocol and clear understanding on every aspect of every project.

All our people demonstrate a level of pride in their work and a degree of perfectionism that is clearly evident in the finished product.

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