Tips for creating an award winning kitchen:

Verdé, kitchen and bathroom award winners. I’m often asked about kitchen design and what are the latest trends. To be honest I don’t follow trends in kitchen design, they tend to date. Innovative kitchen designs are all about clever use of space, material, and layout to achieve a functional and aesthetic solution to compliment the overall house design and should be designed to work in sync with your lifestyle. Truly good design and good taste are always current and always relevant.


A social kitchen invites gatherings and requires larger capacity, long benches, or even integrating a meals table within the kitchen. Social kitchens should be seamless with minimal clutter and integration of appliances. A large bench can accommodate prep work, cooking and washing while an island can be kept clear. A butler’s pantry incorporating a sink and a dishwasher is a welcome addition to any social kitchen if space permits for prep work and to hide dishes and clutter while entertaining


A clean, architectural kitchen design can be fitted with 100 different finishes in a range of colours and materials from refined woods to micalized, metallic lacquers and sophisticated surfaces, where a quiet, muted kitchen combines colours, materials and surfaces that provide an authentic sense of the natural. Layering of light in a kitchen in order for it to function properly: task, ambient, accent and decorative are important aspects of modern kitchen architecture


When planning a kitchen, it’s important to give careful consideration to how the space will be used. Some questions need to be answered like “do you want people in the kitchen with you while you are cooking, and when preparing food do you want to face the living area or TV, and do you want people sitting on the other side of the bar talking to you while you cook.” How a kitchen should function is a personal matter, and your kitchen design should reflect that.
Traditionally, the stove, sink and refrigerator are placed at points of a triangle for efficient movement for 1 person in the kitchen. Now that ovens are often separated from a cooktop, more appliances are being installed and often more than 1 person is in the kitchen, this triangle is not always relevant. For larger and busier kitchens, workstations can be a better approach, for example a prep and cooktop area, and a baking clean-up and storage area. Islands are a great way to add an extra prep area, they provide better access around a kitchen, informal seating, as well as space and storage. Islands can be left as a flat expanse of countertop or can be utilised with a prep sink and dishwasher, and offer a great place for built-in wine storage and lit display cupboards


Elegant integrated design with functionality built by high quality cabinetmakers down to the finest detail, whether contemporary, classical or traditional styling will stand the test of time.