Deepdene Residence

Through an elevation of the traditional boutique offering, Deepdene Residence combines a timeless rigor with a refined and finely tuned approach to detail. Verdè draws on classical architectural references, to propose a home of textural and tactile connections, flooded with natural light as an open expression of its owners.

Located in Melbourne’s enviable east, Deepdene Residence fits comfortably, nestled amongst its neighbouring generous allotments. Aimed as a heightening of everyday rituals, the home proposes a considered balance between comfort and privacy, while also capturing the feeling of being open and effortless connected internally. The contemporary home comes together as a series of horizontal planes, expressed in exaggerated gestures as they traverse the site. From the entry, up and through the property by way of the open stair, this signature formal element is continued and reinforces as a signal of movement. The scale of the planes emphasises an abundance, while inciting a welcomed sense of calm.

From a study of the masters, Deepdene Residence is a celebration of craft. Each detail and interactive element have been considered through an attuned lens by Verdè, ensuring a robust and enduring quality is integrated throughout. The use of a singular material, applied en masse, further enhances a volumetric generosity. The careful insertion of glazing then allows for connecting sightlines between zones. Encasing an inner courtyard, the home turns a deliberate inward focus to the key curated landscape space. Both bringing in light and acting as a reminder of the natural, this central space binds the home. Similar to Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion, long spans, concealed transitions and large slabs carve out lines of sight, stretching the eye outward.

Embodying warmth through a richly layered approach, the select materials reflect a commitment to quality and a concealed complexity. The use of travertine, natural stone and masonry elements all anchor the home in place, while the introduction of the pool and glass offer a dynamism. Earth, fire, air and water all underpin the principles of the home and are expressed in their own subtle ways throughout. While voids carve out relief moments in the home, showcasing spaces allow for a weekend/hobby car to be displayed and operable facades allow key living and dining spaces to naturally spill out into the outdoors.

As both a family-centred and entertainers’ abode, Deepdene Residence is imagined allowing the owner to make their own individual mark, while living amongst effortless luxury and refinement.