Contemporary Homes.

The best contemporary homes are an expression of how we live today. These homes encompass all aspects of modern life and how we live in and use our homes. The range of accommodation we include in our houses has changed and broadened over recent times. There a number of important developments that mark the contemporary home. These include the new integration of the motor car in our homes, no longer like a 60’s motel, with the car parked blatantly at the front door, but now housed and integrated in to the design, almost like a sixth bedroom. Whether this be at floor level with direct access to the house through the laundry or entry hall, or as a basement 6-car garage, accessed via a purpose designed residential lift to all upper levels.

Another element that indicates the contemporary home is the increasing use of I.T. support. This includes a wide range of applications, from temperature control, heating and cooling, internal and external blinds, curtains and shutters for shade control, hot water temperature control and pool heating, to audio and video and security systems and telecommunications, culminating in the most modern manifestation of the home theatrette!

As well as IT there are new ways our home is used, especially the emergence of the kitchen as the new showpiece of the contemporary home, superseding the formal sitting room, with its overstuffed floral sofas and mahogany sideboard. Kitchens in Contemporary homes are designed as the heart of the home, built with sleek designs and everyday living in mind.

Finally, consider how we have moved our home outside to the extended living and dining area around the pool and spa area, as we acknowledge and take advantage of our unique climate, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors in controlled comfort. The contemporary home has become a machine for living.

Verde’s contemporary home design embraces all the latest in technology, environmental and modern amenity in creating a new contemporary home. Speak to our Verde design consultants today and start the journey to your new contemporary home.

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