Things to Expect when Building a Custom Built Home

custom bath

If you have decided to build your home and want to go with a custom built home there are a number of things you need to consider.

This can seem overwhelming at first but Verde will walk you through step by step, every step of the way to ensure that your vision comes to life.

Below are just a few of the things that will need to take place to get construction of your custom built vision off the ground, out of the mind and into the realm of reality.

It All Starts with Your Vision

Dream of what you want.

This is your custom design and we want you to get what you are dreaming of. Of course we will help to guide that vision but the clearer you are on what you want from the beginning, the quicker that vision will manifest.

You can check out some of our portfolio homes to gain inspiration if you need.

And, of course, you can decide between choosing an existing design and customizing it, or going with a completely individual project.

What Are Some of the Next Steps?

Below we will take a look at some of practical steps that are involved with getting your project underway.


Of course you will need somewhere to build your new beautiful home. Choosing the land will of course depend on your preferred location. But it will also somewhat determine what can and can’t build on it.

If you have already found your ideal piece of land – great you can move to the next step!

If you are still looking then you might want to consider some things about the home you want built before you do.

It could be important to learn about what is able to be built on the land (for example if you want multiple stories) and the size of the land will determine how big the house you can build on it is – and how much space around the house you will have.

It is also worth thinking about access to the land. If it is more difficult to access it will take some extra time and potentially extra machinery to bring in materials, which will add to costs. This may or may not be an issue depending on your budget but something to consider.


The design options for your home are almost endless.

  • How many bedrooms do you want? What sizes should they be?
  • How many bathrooms? Ensuites? Walk in wardrobes?
  • What materials will you use for your kitchen floors, bench tops and splash back?
  • What will your indoor/outdoor flow look like?
  • Where will you situate children’s bedrooms and the master bedroom?
  • Internal access from the garage? Double garage? Work space? Room for a boat?
  • How will your outdoor area take shape? Swimming pool? Gardens? Covered areas? Decks?
  • What about the entrance ways, landings, hallways?
  • What colour will you paint your home
  • More than one story? Staircase design?
  • Orientation to the sun?
  • Roofing materials? Insulation? Air Conditioning?

And, of course, the list could go on. Once you get started with this stuff it has a way of taking shape before your eyes.

Verde will be in constant consultation with you throughout the project and will help you to shape your ideas and advise you of the viability of your ideas.

For more information on our process check out Our Process page.

Your Budget

We can help you to fit your design into your budget. The size of the house, number of bathrooms and the layout can affect cost.

And so too can materials. For example, the flooring material you choose throughout the house, and kitchen & bathroom materials you go with, can have a significant impact on the overall costs.

Find out how much you can borrow before you begin designing your home. Knowing your budget from the start is important so you have some idea of the type home you can build.


Verde takes care of any council consents and documentation you may need in order to get construction underway.

We will, of course, also make sure that your home is built to the letter of local building codes.

The Construction Phase

The exciting times begin!

Now your vision is really starting to take shape.

Rest assured that Verde will take care of the management of all necessary sub contractors, sourcing of building materials and building inspections.

Throughout the construction you will be kept informed of any issues or any schedule changes. Site visits allow you to inspect the quality workmanship taking place and to get excited about the progress of your home to be.

Check out our Display Home and our Portfolio Homes to get some idea of the quality and craftsmanship that Verde provides.

The Finished Product

Once construction is complete and all the red tape is taken care of, we will meet with you to discuss handover date and the likes and you can see your brand new home, your vision in reality in a completed state ready for you to make memories in.

So, if you’re dreaming of a custom build property, let Verde’s experience and expertise guide your vision into reality.