Australian Homes.

Australians, and in particular, Melburnians love their homes- they are very house proud, they love their gardens and their idea of a great Saturday night is to invite friends to their house for a meal.

The Australian home has many varied shapes and sizes, from the great sheep station homesteads to inner city Victorian terraces and to suburban quarter acre blocks. This last is probably the essential vision of how most Australians see their home, as the majority live in this situation. Possibly the nearest we have got to a true Australian home has been the houses designed for returned soldiers after the second world war in 1945. Designed by the Age Small Homes service, whose director was Robin Boyd, and who in 1953 wrote the “Australian Home”- a book about how Australians saw their homes and how they lived in them. These houses were very small, deliberately, to keep the cost down; using basic materials, due to shortages after the war- corrugated asbestos was one of those materials- they didn’t get everything right! They were also designed to be built in stages, so they could be easily extended as needs required and young families grew. A good model to help today’s young first home buyers.

Today the Australian home has grown up. Owner’s expectations are more ambitious than in the 50’s, and we embrace many more styles in our choice of homes. Houses have grown in size and design flair from either square meters or to the number of bathrooms. We are a much more affluent society now and we are investing in new builds at a much greater rate than ever before.

Verde Homes are in the business of helping Melburnians build their own Australian Home, whether it be a modern sixties retro in the style of Boyd or Harry Seidler, or a French Provincial mansion.

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