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Art Deco is an architecture and design style that was founded in Germany before the First World War at the Bauhaus school by Walter Gropius, and by architect Lecorbusier in France. Art Deco is a modern rectilinear design style, not to be confused with Art Nouveau which is highly decorated with sinuous plant motifs.

In Melbourne in the 1940’s this style was championed by such people as Frederick Romberg, a German architect who emigrated to Melbourne in the 1930’s and designed a number of houses and apartments in the new modern style. Melbourne’s Art Deco buildings sit amongst the top in the world, right up there with cities such as Shanghai, Miami Beach and Tel Aviv.

Art deco, as it manifested itself in residential building in Melbourne in the inter war period, featured houses with a strong compositional form, with parapet walls and flat roofs, concrete construction, including adventurous cantilevered concrete verandahs, steel windows and strong curvilinear features. Art deco, although essentially a modern style, still retained some decoration, as the name suggests, with strong banding in brick and render, unlike the more severe and stripped-back International Style, as favoured by the American Mies van der Rohe.

Undoubtedly the strongest and most obvious feature of Art deco is the famous waterfall front and chimney elements, so favoured by builders of this style in Melbourne during the Interwar period. Metal framed windows and the inherently art deco speed line also feature heavily in the architecture.

Verde Homes has had a strong association with Art Deco Home style construction over the years. Talk to our experienced design consultants about your ideas. Verde Homes can ensure your Art Deco Home is built to the highest quality and deliver outstanding finishes. Speak with us to today to make your dream home a reality.


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